GRID4EU in a webinar entitled "Getting active about demand management"

September 10th, 2015 at 4 PM CEST


Heighten your virtual experience through an industry expert webinar, which will discuss how active demand management is impacting the industry.

Along with more robust technology, demand response (DR) is no longer a passive sideline component of the utility business. Active demand management is the ability to manage consumer demand resources in a way that supports the balancing of renewable energy resources, ultimately dealing with any type of grid stress in a near-real time fashion.

In this webinar, Rémy Garaude Verdier, GRID4EU Coordinator, will present the latest results reached within GRID4EU, in particular in the GRID4EU French Demo, in the Active Demand workstream.


  • Rémy Garaude Verdier, Smart Grids Manager with ERDF, industry thought leader
  • Sachin Gupta with OMNETRIC Group
  • Brett Fledman, a Certified Energy Manager with Navigant Research


Keywords: Active Demand


  • ERDF

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